Montessori School of Laguna Beach

First day of school is August 24, 2020 and ends on June 18th, 2021.

 We are taking applications for January 2021 under Covid policies  in place.

Space is limited, come for a tour and get your application submitted now!


Please email [email protected] 

or call (949) 494-2411 


This is a gifted program for every  child. Our mission is to offer the children in our community an integrated holistic program based on the Montessori Philosophy. Our goal is to nurture and unfold each child's potential in a loving, secure, and well-prepared environment under the guidance of excellent teachers. 

The success of the school is the result of the quality of our program and the mature professional staff that we choose, and the realization that your children deserve the greatest respect, loving care, and professional guidance in their development.

Circle time
" A gifted program for every child" 

Director's Corner

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